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Frequently Asked Questions

Sabrina L. McKinney

Chapter 13 Trustee,  Middle District of Alabama

Important Notice

Please DO NOT  include full social security number(s) in emails or any other correspondence to the Chapter Thirteen Trustee’s office.  DO NOT include any confidential or privileged information in emails to the Chapter Thirteen Trustee’s office.  Initiating email contact with this office does not establish an attorney client relationship and the Trustee’s Office is prohibited by law from giving legal advice.  Contact your  attorney if you have legal questions about your case.  Please DO NOT  put your social security number on your Chapter Thirteen payment.


When do I need to begin making payments?

All Chapter 13 filers are required to make monthly payments to the Trustee’s Office beginning 30 days after the filing date. Failure to make adequate and timely payments may result in your case being dismissed.


Can I pay in person?

NO. Hand delivered payments are NOT accepted at the Trustee’s office, at 341 meetings or at confirmation hearings.  Your Chapter 13 payments must be mailed to the following address:

Chapter 13 Trustee
P.O. Box 613108
Memphis, TN 38101


What do I do if there is a discrepancy in my payment history?

You are strongly urged to keep copies of all payments to the Trustee. In case of discrepancy, you would need to provide:

    - A copy of the Money Order or Cashiers Check. If you are paying by Income Withholding you will need to provide copies of your pay stubs.
    - Date of the missing payment.
    - Amount of the payment.
    - Money Order or Cashiers Check number.

If after receiving this information we still cannot locate the payment in our records, we would ask you to put a trace on the payment. You would need to contact the place of business where you purchased the Money Order or Cashiers Check and ask them to trace the payment.


What information do I need to include with my payment?

If you send direct payments, be sure to include your NAME, CASE NUMBER and ADDRESS directly on your payment.

Using the payment labels included in your packet will simplify this process. Please write or print legibly. This information is necessary to ensure that your payment is credited to YOUR account.


Can I increase the monthly payment amount?

If you wish to increase the monthly payment to the Trustee, thereby paying your case off early, you must contact your attorney. Paying a little more than originally required may reduce interest cost, administrative expenses and cause the payroll deduction to stop sooner.


How do I make a payment?

Your plan payment will be made by payroll deduction from your employer, unless the Court grants a waiver. With this method of payment, the Trustee’s office prepares a Wage Order which tells your employer how much to deduct from your paycheck and where to send the deducted funds.

If you are making direct payments to the Trustee’s office, payments must be made by Money Order or Cashiers Check. Cash and personal checks are NOT accepted.

Note: If you send direct payments, be sure to include your NAME, CASE NUMBER and ADDRESS directly on your payment.

General Payment Questions


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