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Sabrina L. McKinney

Chapter 13 Trustee, Middle District of Alabama

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Vital Contact Information

Important Notice

Please DO NOT include full social security number(s) in emails or any other correspondence to the Chapter Thirteen Trustee's office. DO NOT include any confidential or privileged information in emails to the Chapter Thirteen Trustee's office. Initiating email contact with this office does not establish an attorney client relationship and the Trustee's Office is prohibited by law from giving legal advice. Contact your attorney if you have legal questions about your case.

Submit Tax Returns

All tax returns must be submitted to:

Submit information below via 13Documents: 13 Documents

Affidavit - Domestic Support Obligation Recipient Information Unknown

Domestic Support Obligation Information (Fillable Chapter 13 Form)

DHR Bifurcation Agreements

Income Withholding Order Request (Fillable Chapter 13 Form)

Request For Direct Pay

Request To Excuse Plan Payment

Request To Incur Debt

Affidavit of Support

Property Appraisals and Tax Values

Repair Estimates and Business Expense Itemizations

General Contact Information via E-mail to:

Debtor Attorneys and Creditors Access to Case Information:

New users register with the Chapter 13 Trustee for access to case data information - download and complete Internet Access Agreement from our website for login access to case data at Mail form to Chapter 13 Trustee at correspondence address P O Box 173, Montgomery AL 36101-0173.

Debtor Access to Case Information:

Access and login for case information, debtor must register at the National Data Center, Inc., at Must contact the National Data Center Debtor Support number for questions or assistance at (866) 938-3639 Monday -Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm PST.

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